Both personal and professional
Personal work


Mini webshop I built to sell all the electronic gear I had left when we closed PlayCo

warm cold app

We uninvented the navigation app. Together with Hurae I designed the most interesting navigation app of the year.

PlaN Brussel

Muntpunt had a plan to save the summer and they needed a website with an activity calendar to succeed. That's when they called me.

unpublished novels

I always wanted to design book covers. So I started inventing stories for novels.

professional work


We designed the user experience for the videostreaming app often coined as 'DPG media's answer to Netflix'

DELEN private bank

We redesigned every digital touchpoint: the app, the website and the screens they use in client meetings.


We introduced a new mobile only onboarding flow. They were so happy about it we stayed for 18 months.


This project hasn't been released yet, but it has to do with customer experience strategy