asked questions

Mostly about Brad and me.

Someone told me you don't look like Brad Pitt, like not at all.

They are wrong. I totally look like Brad Pitt. There are some small differences in our appearances. The only noticeable differences are due to the age gap between Brad and me.

Despite the striking resemblance, what are some small differences between you and Brad?


I still can't see the differences. Do you have a resemblance chart?

Yes, I do. Although I can't promise this will help you see the differences. We're like twins, but born 20 years apart.

This is Brad. You can recognise him because he is old.
This is me. Easily confused with a young Brad Pitt.
This is Brad without the hair implants. Or is it me in 20 years?
This is young Brad. No wait! It's me with Brad's current hairdo.
Brad's hair, my face with my glasses. Total confusion.
My hair, Brad's face, no glasses. So uncanny. Who is this?

What are the perks in life for a Brad Pitt look-a-like?

How is your relationship with Brad?

Can I book or cast you as a double?

Can I date you?

Can you inseminate me?